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Dec 31, 2012 3:00pm EST
. what would you accept? >> the sequestration was signed into law by the president 18 months ago. it takes effect january 2nd. it was an important part of the last debt limit discussion. there's no way in the world that you can play that forward to the next debt limit discussion. that just doesn't work. the sequestration has to go forward as it is written as the president signed into law. remember all of this, the tax piece, the sequestration and don't forget obama care taxes, all of those were things signed by the president. clearly he wanted this scenario, or he wouldn't have signed those pieces of legislation. >> i would like to push a bit more on bill's previous question about tax hikes. because if i'm not wrong and do correct me if i'm wrong, you have said before that you would not vote for the elimination of a tax cut for those making over 45 450k. that is what's on the table now. would you change your mind on that? >> i'm not going to fore close any possibility until i see what is really offered. but let's be honest. from the face of it, it looks like raises taxes in order
Dec 26, 2012 3:00pm EST
care law could cause insurance premiums to doublery 2013. ? >> there's some places where the premiums will go up by 100%. a 49-year-old in texas can buy a $5,000 deductible policy that's well below the 60% threshold so if i'm at a 45% threshold policy, the and it goes up to 60%, you have a 33% increase just to moving the benefits up. >> seems crazy, that the system is broken and could still double by 2014. >> if we're going to warn americans, somebody's got to pay for it. >> how do you think it's going to pay out, who is going to or what? >> i think it won't start right away like everyone hopes it will. there won't be an october 1st, 2013, are a bright new plan available for everybody, and it's not going to be cheaper, but i think it will be a start and it will be fits rand smart. if we want to insure more americans, and in the long run if we control our krosts we can control that over time, bring in back in line. the higher proem dums you talking about, does that measly mean higher percentage for you? >> no necessarily because the people coming in will cost more. >> do you think they
Jan 2, 2013 3:00pm EST
,000 thanks to the health care law. still that's viewed as a favorable outcome for those dividend dash paying stocks because the fear was -- >> 40%. >> it was going to go to 40%. eff cox says t note our own dividend-paying stocks may pose some of dangers investors are missing regardless of that friendly tax rate. even as ryan lorenza, our u.s. extis strategy for tds thinks dividend stocks will pay off. jeff, why are you concerned? >> let me talk about a couple of issues. the one you is guys talked about before. we are in the early innings of this whole fiscal cliff mess and the sequestration and what not. it's going to create a lot of volatility in the market. dividend stocks underperformed last year only with a 5% return. i think they will underperform this year. second point is that we saw in december a lot of special dividend issues happening. i think that was sort of a pull forward kind of demand, and they didn't even do that well when the special dividends were happening. finally i just kind of think when you look at the growth versus value, that if these boring old dividend stocks won't
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3